Industrial Automation & Fully Managed IT Consulting Services

Developing AI-based applications to automate the crucial tasks and bring powerfully IT consulting and cloud solutions to reinforce your business. CoreBitWeb brings wide-ranging IT solutions for your business with an advanced level of technical knowledge and skills.

Managed IT Services

A fully managed IT service for 24x4 hour online Tech Support, Infrastructure Support, Cloud Platforms, Cpanel, Disaster recovery and system networking.

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Robotic Process Automation

Deploy Robotics automation anywhere with intelligent, highly secured, and fully automated solutions to make your complex business operations easier.

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Blockchain Development

Blockchain-based web application & mobile dApp development for cryptocurrency transactions on Ethereum, Hyperledger and Smart Contracts etc.

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Software Development

A fully customized software and web-based applications development service for business enterprises helping them to operate with better efficiency.

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Mobile App Development

Developing the Mobile applications for all the popular mobile operating systems like Android & iOS run with smooth functioning and seamless experience.

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Web Design & Development

Developing the websites on all types of advanced CMS to create user-friendly web applications and custom websites using cutting-edge technology.

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IT Management & Cloud Services

A fully managed IT & cloud computing services to offer round-the-clock tech support, Infrastructure Support, AWS Services, Cpanel Support, website recovery and mailing-related issues, etc. We are managing the popular cloud-based platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud Platform, Google cloud with proven security skills, expertise, and modern solutions to our clients.

A Complete Automation Solution

Implement Automation anywhere with Robotics Process Automaton, we can deploy automation anywhere with intelligent, highly secure, and fully automated solutions to perform the complex level of business operations automatically. We are building a world-class automation solution for wide-ranging industries across the sectors with round-the-clock managed IT services to our clients.

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Dapps, Ledger

Blockchain Development Solution

Developing highly integrated and secured web applications on Blockchain using cutting-edge platforms. We provide the Blockchain development solution for financial services, healthcare, online streaming, real-estate, and more to transform their core functionality and efficiency using the Blockchain technology into their business to perform more secured transactions.

Why Choose Us

Get a complete automation solution and fully managed IT services with an edge of technological advancement helping our customers to grow their business in the long-term.


24/7 Customer support

Around-the-clock customer support service to provide online assistance solving the queries of our clients making their business operations run smoothly without any trouble.

Helpline +91 7821850317

Smart solutions

We provide the smart solution for your products and services with the capability to integrate automation anywhere to make your business smart and more productive.

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Emergency Response Team

We offer emergency response team to our clients round the clock.


Are you looking to support your customers 24×7 or free up technical resources for more critical utilization? Then you need a IT helpdesk support service. However, choosing the right partner is critical as this service not only requires customer centric focus but rather becomes a matter of company’s reputation.

Corebit offers certified IT engineers that match your business culture and expectations to run a support service for your internal systems as well as customer facing deployments with continuous monitoring and minimal operational downtime.


Why Choose Us ?

Building the relationship with our clients with an approach to operate transparently to gain more faith among them. We have designed our working process to deal with crucial projects and deliver the same with ease of work offering a world-class automation service.

  • Transparency & Ease of Work
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We believe in working with creativity to design and develop innovative solutions for our clients either it in the field of AI or Web development. Our team strives to achieve the next level of originality and uniqueness in each project for our clients to make them distinctive.

  • Creative & Innovative Solutions
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Innovation is the backbone of the technological sector. And we bring business together with novelty making them rise with the competitive edge in the market. And to bring such innovation, we adopt the new technologies in our business and also suggest the best one to our clients.

  • Always Focused on Innovation
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Our journey is propelled by the success of our clients who opted for our consultancy and other services to achieve their business goals. We worked with small to medium enterprises to big organizations and delivered them the best-in-class services as per their business models to gain the trust among the clients building long business relationships with them.

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